Monday, August 24, 2015

Foodie Favorites: Republique

Hey guyz~~ Surprised with 2 posts in the same week? Well I decided to review all my food excursions because who doesn't like food pictures. 

Hot spot of the day will be Republique (located on La Brea in between 6th street and Wilshire). One of my favorite brunch places with its hipster atmosphere and not to mention amazing food. Interior decor is also pretty breathtaking. Stepping into this quaint place, you're welcomed to a case full of sweets and pastries. I definitely had a hard time deciding what to pick because I wanted them all. 

Pictured above is a chicken salad, a croque madame, and a plate of sweets. Their croque madame is a bit on the heavy side due to the gruyere cheese, ham, and sunny side egg but it still holds to be my favorite to order. 

(That Paris Brest with hazelnuts is so delicately scrumptious! :P)

(Kimchi fried rice with braised short ribs with a side of crispy fries) 

To impress you even more, Republique has an incredible dinner menu where all their pastas are made in house and its family style friendly. Although prices may be a bit steeper, you definitely get your moneys worth in quality and freshness. 

This pan roasted half chicken sitting on succotash. The chicken was extremely moist (probably because it was roasted on the bone). I usually hate white meat but if all chicken was cooked like this I would turn over a new leaf. And no I didn't eat this alone if you're wondering~ 

White corn agnolotti (a specifically shaped pasta with a filling) which is a seasonal dish but fresh pastas are made daily. With clumps of burrata to cut the sweetness of the white corn and mushrooms to add some texture. 

Last but definitely not least, DESSERT! Pictured on the left is a salted caramel chocolate cake which was so moist and the dark chocolate and salted caramel filling was the perfect balance. It was accompanied by a shot of chai milk of some sorts which was an interesting shot. Pictured on the right is a chocolate valrona molten cake topped with ice cream. Ooey gooey center with crispy edges is the way to my heart; with hints of hazelnut on top!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new LA spot and you should definitely try it out :) Stay tuned for more foodie favorites!

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  1. Ugh, I've been meaning to go back to Republique to try more things! So good!