Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Icons

@Roman Salon

Hi fellow readers! Its been a while hasn't it?...I guess being out of school and working has really got the best of me. I feel I have so much to update I just don't even know where to start!

I guess based on my selfie situation, its obvious I tried to get myself into this passing summer mode by dying/highlighting my hair. I was introduced to this hair stylist, Sabrina Sanchez at the Roman Salon and she did an amazing job. The salon is really cute too (you know me, I love good ambiance). 

Lately, I've been trying to pull back on shopping but could not turn away at this Saint Laurent suede fringe skirt. amazing right? I look very fall-esque but fall is my season so what can I say ;) As I usually say in my previous posts, always buying the best pieces and not just buying clothes. Paired with a simple black tee and black boots, the skirt speaks for itself. 

Speaking of key pieces, this french fry shirt had my name all over it when I saw it. "Fries before guys." Way too good to pass up. 

To end my catch up post, these iconic pieces are more like splurges I couldn't resist. Lets just say I am weak when it comes to peer pressure and Chanel in the same sentence. 

In LOVE with my limited edition purple ombre wallet. And of course I joined the Dior sunglass trend ;) 

Thanks for reading and catch you later! xoxo

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