Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rails Plaid x Frame Denim

 Hi readers~! I'm starting off by congratulating all the students who are graduating. As for all the other students, YAY for summer! It's finally here and we've been waiting for so long. Time to start booking our summer trips right? I'm excited, as I am planning to head out to NY sometimes in the next 2 months.

This post is highlighting one of my more casual looks for simply running around in. What could be more simple than jeans and plaid to throw on for a comfort chic look. I would call this look Spring/Summer grunge as it has some ties to being a bit on the darker toned side, but still encompassing those light hues for Spring Summer.
My ombre plaid shirt is from Rails. It's a nice staple to have to simply wear as a shirt or to have as a cover up for a tank top. Honestly, Rails makes the softest button ups ever!! 

My Gucci bag that I paired with this outfit is what I call super vintage as it's a hand me down! I absolutely love this crossbody because of the classic Gucci print. The cute bows set with a simple grey color.

As I work my way down the look, my light washed denim is by Frame denim. They are so comfortable and soft. I don't usually wear light denim, as I prefer black, but it really lightens up your outfit. It's great paired with white tops to really give a summery feel.

 My new favorite round-framed sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples. This company is known for their sunglasses and more rounded frames. Definitely worth the investment for its light-weight frames and polarized lenses.

For those of you who read my blog, thank you! :) And continue reading!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Textures & Prints

Floral prints and quilted textures is what my blog is about today. I've been inspired by many bloggers these days that do a lot of mix and matching with their pieces. A year ago when I bought these two pieces from Topshop, I would never have thought of pairing them together, but it works because of the subtle colors. The neutral white and grey adds a light color scheme, and the floral prints with the quilted textures adds a bit of elegance to it.

What really spices the whole outfit is definitely the hem line of the skirt. Steering away from the midi skirt, I really went high to a mini A-line.

To top it off, the black booties are by Report with a 2 inch heel. Even though it's not much, but I love having a little it of height (I'm cheating because I wish I was taller). These booties are my go-to work shoes. Comfortable for long hours, yet it matches almost every...single...outfit I have!

I hope I could have somewhat been a bit inspirational for your own personal style :)

My sunglasses are a brown tortoise color that I purchased from a website called Giant Vintage Sunglasses for a really good price!

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