Sunday, January 25, 2015

T by AW

Today, I'm really being a true Cali girl. Denim. Dress. Sunglasses. High pony tail. I'm truly enjoying the sun while I can. After being cooped up at work and school, it feels good to be out when I can. This amazing trapeze dress by T by Alexander Wang is light-weight, comfortable, and still shows your body shape. What else could you ask from a dress?

Paired with the dress a simple denim jacket does the trick to get some arm coverage without being too hot. Definitely an outfit with contrasting textures.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Playing with Lengths

Oh Los Angeles, you are too good to us los angelinos. Considering it is still considered winter (I think), we get such good weather. It felt good to get some vitamin D on my skin for a change. Keeping it really simple this Sunday with some good basics and dark hues. Since its technically winter, in an attempt to cover up, this lengthy, olive cardigan from Topshop somewhat covers up all the leg I have been showing around town today. The length cardigan also gets to cover up how pasty I look. On the one hand I love being so pale, but then I like being tan ._. I can never win. 

My boyfriend shorts are extremely distressed by Rag & Bone. I have to tread carefully just so it doesn't rip anymore! Fingers crossed. However, I have my eyes on the black version of these shorts which are super cute, you might be seeing them on some future summer post....teehee. I say boyfriend shorts but I drastically sized down so I can achieve a tighter fit.

It's fun to mix and match different pieces from my closet together. Keeping with my resolution is so difficult by the way, I hope you guys are having better luck than I am *sad face*

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tomato Soup

Happy 2015! I can't believe how fast time has flown by, which means new year, new resolutions, new you~ I can definitely say I have kept to that mantra so far...even though it has only been 7 days (don't judge me). However, the only set back right now is this cold that everyone I know seems to be having, including me. And what is the cure to colds? SOUP! Although this sweater can't be eaten, it does make you crave soup...which is what I'm craving now... #foodieproblems.

To add a more preppy look, I added a button up striped shirt to add another print and to make the sweater not seem like just a sweater. And to bring some color to this whole grey look, I recently purchased (in 2014), a small comme des garçon pouch which I use as a wallet, and inside I put a cardholder to keep things more organized. I love this discovery I made about pouches which I use to think were useless. A more stylish, smaller way to have your necessities on the go, which is also ideal for saving space in tiny sized bags.

To end my head to toe rant of what I'm wearing and the usual, these high waisted jeans from 7 for all mankind are kind of amazing, skin tight, feels like you're wearing nothing jeans. Keep in mind that they're ultra ultra stretchy so they kind of fit like jeggings, but they're quality is better than your typical jeggings, because they're not (I always make things more confusing than necessary). And of course the best part of outfits (sometimes) are the shoes! My first loafers by 3.1 Phillip Lim. They are iridescent on the top and they're patent all around...the coolest prep shoes ever. They match almost everything too. 

Again, Happy 2015 readers! Thanks for all the loyalty to reading my random rants and comments on my style, and hopefully everything you're aiming to achieve happens for you this year :) Just to put it out there, I hope to keep my 2 top resolutions of 1. continuing to stay fit (through soul cycle...BEST WORKOUT EVER) 2. cut back clothing/bags/shoes/accessories spending unless its a special occassion or holidays or vacations (this one is gonna be hard for me for obvious reasons).