Monday, April 6, 2015

Elegance Meets Casual

Happy spring time readers! It's been a while right? Sorry about I transition into a "full time worker" chapter in my life, sleeping is one of my best friends right now which takes me away from the blogging scene a bit. But don't fret because I will always try to put my best looks together to share with you guys!

If you follow me on instagram, you can see that I just had to post about these Frame jeans I'm wearing. I was hesistant at first about those huge rips on the knees but I am LOVING it. The fabrication of the denim is also more rigid and not as stretchy which is why these are my go-to pair of denim right now. Even though people struggle with the idea of paying a steep price for jeans with rips....all I can say'll love it like I do?

PLUS, in the past weeks that I have not posted, my birthday passed so I'm 22 now!! *cue the Taylor Swift song* I totally treated myself to these amazing, edgy Chanel "sandals" even though they are sort of loafers at the same time. As seen on runway, I love these shoes so I am trying to tread lightly. With a little peep around the middle of your foot and an ankle strap they are just like the best shoes for any outfit. They are more of a fancier sandal, but that does not mean you can't dress it down as I have in my look today!

This is another impromptu look with the Frame denim which is definitely an edgier pair of denim.

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